The Learning, Media & Social Interactions Group is an interuniversity research center specialised in the field of Education, Audiovisual Communication and Social Actions, recognized by the Catalonian Authority (2017 SGR379).

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Teaching innovation in assessment

The paper "Analysis of university teaching innovation experiences about assessment" has been published in the journal Currículum y Formación del Profesorado. The article analysis experiences related to assessment included in teaching innovation proceedings from 2011-2015 with the aim to know what assessments elements are innovated and what fields of knowledge these innovations belong to. Dr. Elena Cano and Dr. Laura Pons, members of the research group LMI, coauthor this article. 

11 January, 2019

The role of Teacher Assistants

The article "Teacher assistants’ roles in Catalan classrooms: promoting fair and inclusion-oriented support for all" has been published in the International Journal of Inclusive Education. This exploratory study about TAs is part of Andrea Jardí (LMI-UB) doctoral thesis about interactions occurring when non-graduate professionals support vulnerable students. Dr. Ignasi Puigdellívol (LMI-UB) and Dr. Cristina Petreñas (UdL) are the co-authors.

23 November, 2018

Blockchain en educación, cadenas rompiendo moldes

Antonio R. Bartolomé Pina

Bartolomé, A. y Moral-Ferrer, J. M. (Eds.) (2018). Blockchain en Educación. Barcelona: LMI. (Colección Transmedia XXI)