Generic competences at university

Generated for all of the degrees of the university, the object of a lot of educational innovation and research projects, the so-called generic competences, ...
Are they a sufficiently well-known universe?
How do they affect the university space?
Are they as well-served as relevant?
Are planned in a realistic way?
These and other questions are answered by Jaume Fabregat and Javier Oliver, from the perspective of the Polytechnic Universities of Barcelona and Valencia, and Elena Cano from the University of Barcelona.
In addition, the authors provide dozens of online resources to know, understand, deepen them, know how to design, share and evaluate them in higher education institutions.
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Elena Cano García
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Jaume Fabregat Fillet
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Cano, E., Fabregat, J. y Oliver, F. J. (2018). Competencias genéricas en la universidad. Barcelona: LMI. (Colección Transmedia XXI).