We start App2five, an R & D project
19 July, 2019

The App2five project has just started as an R & D Projects of Knowledge Generation of the state program of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. The project will allow acquiring new knowledge on how to adapt the interactive digital resources to child development (and children with SEN), in order to improve its design and promote the creation and selection of quality content aimed at early childhood.

App2five is coordinated by Mariona Grané (LMI-UB) & Lucrezia Crescenzi (LMI-UVIC); and also count on the contribution of  Doris Sabando (UB), Eloi Puertas (UB), Eulàlia Masana (UVIC), Esther del Moral (Uniovi), Lourdes Villalustre (Uniovi), Rosario Neira (Uniovi), Rafael Suárez (Tecnocampus), Anna Tarragó (Tecnocampus), Marta López (Tecnocampus), Elisabeth Reina (UMA), Francisco José Ruiz (UMA), Silvina Casablancas (PENT-Flacso-Argentina), & Andrea Lapa (UFSC-Brasil).